Frequently Asked Questions


What service do you offer?

We are currently providing face painting and balloon twisting only.


Is there an age limit to having your face painted?

We have no minimum age for my face painting. It is purely up to the child if they want to have their face painted. Please understand that the artist(s) can reject to offer service to children that are uncooperative or does not want to be face paint. Also, due to certain circumstances and situations where we will not be able to work on a particular child or adult for health and safety reasons. For further details please review our Terms of Agreement page.


What face painting products do you use?

At Facemoji, all of our face paint products are professional cosmetic grades. These cosmetic companies invest money and time into their Research and Development to create a non-toxic and safe product to ensure the best quality for face painting. The glitters we use are also cosmetic grade made from polyester. Where the edges are rounded into polygon rather than square which prevent scaring on  skin.


How do you remove the face paint?

All of the face paints we use are water based. They can be easily washed off with soap and water. Just apply soap with a little bit of water first and scrub in circular motion, then rinse off with cold water. Baby wipes, baby oil, or make up wipes are also great options for breaking up leftover pigments.


How far will you travel?

We provide services in and around Houston area. We will travel up to 25 miles from the Galleria, any further distance we will charge travel fee based on mileage, $1 for every extra mile. Please understand that the fee accounted for the artist’s traveling time and time stuck in traffic.


How much do you charge?

Please see our Service page. Our rates are subject to change, so please email to confirm. In the case of special events, prices can be negotiated.


Is there a minimum booking time?

For birthday parties, there is a 1.5-hour minimum.

For all other events, there is a 2-hour minimum.


How do I book an event?

The best way to book an event is to contact us either through phone directly or e-mail. To facilitate the booking process, please give us the date and time of your event so we can let you know the availability. We recommend 2-3 weeks in advance, the earlier the better, reservation are filled on a first come first served basis


Is there a booking fee?

Yes, there is a $25 non-refundable deposit fee to confirm your booking. We only reserve your party date and time upon receiving the booking fee. Please check our terms agreement page for more details.


What types of payment do you accept?

For private parties, we prefer to accept cash but we also accept major credit card over PayPal. A small convenience fees may apply to electronic payments. We do not accept check due to past experiences. For corporate events and other events, other payment options are available.


When do I need to pay you?

The booking fee are pay prior to set up your reservation and the remainder are pay in cash at arrival on the day of your event.

If you like to pay in full amount prior to the day of your event, you can do so through PayPal.

For corporate events, we are happy to work with your company processes and the best way to set up a payment.


What do I need to provide?

In order for us to setup please provide a table with two chairs along with good lighting. For private events if the setup is indoors, a location that is not in the flow of traffic which is well lit and ventilated is ideal. If the event takes place outdoors, adequate shelter must be provided to protect the artist(s) and their supplies from the elements such as sun, rain, and wind. Also, we prefer to set up far away from any sources of loud speakers or cooking grill. For corporate or larger events, in addition to shelter, a 6 foot table and 2 chairs are required. Please provide parking close to the venue for easy access to set up and set down.


Can the artist(s) accept tips?

Tips are optional, but it is encouraged to show appreciation for the artist(s)'s work and a job well done.


Do you do charity events?

We do receive a lot of questions about contributing our time for charitable causes. We personally enjoy providing my services to good causes and one that are personal significance. However, please understand that we are running a small business and we are limited to certain number of events we contribute per year. We do provide discount services for charity event so don’t hesitate to ask us.



If there any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to e-mail or call me.






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